Saturday Night Personality. Sunday Morning Heart.

I'm Sarah Grace. I'm 19 & I'm a sophomore at Asbury University. I live in the lovely state of Kentucky. Singing is my passion. My heart belongs to Jesus. Single & trusting in God's plan. (:

Saturday Night Personality. Sunday Morning Heart.

I’m taking a vote! Which one of these pictures should be my new icon? (:

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  2. sshhhsupersecret said: The 6th one, with the hat and pearls.
  3. lemonade-lace answered: You are seriously gorgeous! I love the one on the bench!
  4. all-americansweettart said: My favorites are the first and the fourth! All beautiful, though!
  5. theunknownjourney answered: 3 or 4!
  6. classycanadianprep answered: bottom left, with the pearl bracelets & earrings!
  7. lets-just-laugh answered: The second, hugging one or the smiling on the bench one!(:
  8. nauticallyprep answered: The one of you in the white dress on the bench! PS: you look wonderful in all of them!
  9. californiagirlwearingpearls said: Smiling on the bench for sure!
  10. pentelofthesouth answered: You are gorgeous! I love the one of you smiling on the bench
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